AC Tune Up

South Florida AC Tune Up

Amtek Air Conditioning offers an in-depth 24 point A/C Tune Up that includes:

  1. Calibrate and level the thermostat
  2. Vacuum out the drain line.
  3. Flush and treat the condensate drain with anti-algae tablets.
  4. Clean the condenser coil and remove debris from inside the condenser.
  5. Clean debris from around the outside of the condenser.
  6. Inspect for mold or mildew
  7. Tighten all the electrical connections.
  8. Monitor amperage of compressor, condenser fan motor and evaporator blower motor.
  9. Monitor the operating pressure of the refrigerant.
  10. Measure the temperature differential between the supply and return with a laser thermometer.
  11. Inspect the duct work for energy loss.
  12. Inspect the condenser fan blade to ensure it is properly balanced.
  13. Lubricate motors.
  14. Test the capacitors to insure proper charge.
  15. Check the electrical system for exposed wiring that can be a potential fire hazard.
  16. Test and inspect the contactor for burnt or pitted contacts.
  17. Monitor the voltage being supplied to the system.
  18. Inspect the service valves for proper operation.
  19. Inspect the electrical disconnect for proper installation and to ensure it is properly rated.
  20. Inspect the safety switches for proper operation to prevent water damage.
  21. Inspect the condenser coil for corrosion and oxidation.
  22. Replace filters with lifetime washable filter.
  23. Monitor the compressor for proper amperage and voltage draw.
  24. Run a startup test on the system.